Monday, February 26, 2007

American Gods

1. I finished "American Gods" this morning. I liked it more than the first time I read it; then, I'd just finished "Good Omens," and was expecting something very similar ... which was not what I got (what with there being an additional author on "GO" and all ...). This time I wasn't expecting it to be like anything. The "Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul" parallels still bug, but enjoyed it.

2. Building on this theme, I was going to write a long treatise on the Oscars, with the title "American Gods." I was thinking about how I can't seem to not watch the awards show, even when I haven't seen the vast majority of the movies up for awards. I really didn't care who won much of anything. It was 3.75 hours of my life that could have been spent doing other things (although all that time was spent hanging out with my friend Kristen, so that was good).

This morning I was thinking, then, about how the Oscars are almost like a religious ceremony. I sit around for 3+ hours, once a year (not counting the Golden Globes ... or the Emmys ...) and worship at the altar of celebrity.

However, I just don't have time to write all that today. Maybe later.

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  1. So you know I was TOTALLY looking forward to your Oscar post. Going to the celebrity altar does not feel complete unless koenig is with me. Of course I know how it feels to be to busy to write it.

    I slept, woke up at appropriate times, and slept some more. Sad I missed hanging out, but glad I got some sleep.