Monday, March 26, 2007

BSG finale

Although I've had a tendency to talk about Doctor Who to distraction here, I do watch - and become minorly obsessed with - other shows. I am a big fan of Sci Fi's Battlestar Galactica, which just wrapped up its third season. If you haven't watched - or, ya know, don't care - don't read.

BSG is really good with cliffhangers, and this season was no different. Here's the very brief TWoP synopsis of the first two:

S1: Apollo's in handcuffs, the Prez is behind bars, one Boomer's pregnant, and the other one just shot Adama. Aren't season finales fun?

S2: President Gaius Baltar offers the surrender of mankind. The Cylons take over. We lose. The end. (eta: that's after the unexpected "One Year Later" tag!)

So, last night, end of season three. The second half hasn't been the greatest, but I thought only one episode was really bad. (According to an interview in Salon, executive producer Ronald D. Moore, which I'd quote from but I can't get the page to load; but SyFy Portal quotes him saying that a multi-episode storyline was cut from the second half of the season and left some holes.) I wasn't spoiled for the finale - well, only slightly in that I was pretty sure that the final five cylon models would be revealed, but not much else. Still, that tip helped me figure out the first four right from the start, and spent the last 10 minutes certain that I knew who #5 was.

Some questions:

  1. Why do the other cylons not know who the final 5 are? For the audience, it makes sense: three of the five have been major characters since the miniseries. The fourth has rapidly become a more major character. And the fifth is Tory, who we all assumed was a cylon anyway, right? But at this point there is no explanation for why the other cylons don't know.
  2. Isn't it awfully convenient that these five cylons ended up together? To some degree it's understandable for most of them - why did Anders survive? Because Starbuck made sure of it. Still ... a bit too coincidental.
  3. Is Tyrol's son another miracle baby? I guess it's not so difficult to create hybrid babies after all.

Things I liked:

  1. The intertwining of the final five's storylines - it's clear that the cylons keep getting drawn together. The constant friction between Starbuck and Tigh; Tyrol and Boomer; Anders and Starbuck - even when she loved Apollo, she kept going back to Anders; even Tory and Anders at the end, although that felt a bit shoehorned in for me.
  2. In the Circle ("Collaborators") - three cylons. And when Anders drops out, they bring in Starbuck.
  3. The whole storyline from last year when Tyrol was convinced he was a cylon - hee hee!
  4. Baltar not guilty! I love Baltar, so yay. And I was convinced he'd be killed at the end anyway, so I was happy that that didn't happen.

Things I didn't like:

  1. I wanted Starbuck to be dead. Really, honestly dead. I like the character, and I actually hated her death - it felt like a cop-out to me, like her character came to peace with herself and then just quit. What happened to "The same thing we always do. Fight them until we can't."? I get the peace of knowing that she doesn't have to fight anymore - but how does that equate to what is essentially suicide?
  2. Lee's continued self-righteousness - now in court! Not that I disagreed with what he said, but the character is such a total tool at this point, I want to slap him.

End of a season is always fun. Grrr ... need podcast ...

ETA - So, now I read that maybe Starbuck's not a cylon. But that leaves us with one unknown, so ...


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