Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It WILL be a productive day

I've taken the day off and I've been less than cheerful lately, so I've decided that today will be positive and productive. Already, I've:
  • taken a very long bubble bath;
  • cleaned out the bottom drawer of my dresser;
  • put my shoes away (well, thrown them in the closet);
  • made an appointment to get my hair cut.
Still to be done:
  • finish folding laundry (done);
  • clean kitchen - counters and floor (done);
  • vacuum;
  • shred boxful of junk mail;
  • return books to library (done);
  • get hair cut (done);
  • go to trivia (done, more or less).

There's probably more to be done ... I'll add if I think of it.


  1. I hope your day got better.

  2. The day itself wasn't so bad. I got stuff done and I went shopping, and I got a funky haircut (that I don't know what to do with yet). Then I went to trivia and no one else showed and I got extremely depressed. And today, I pretty much want to just go home and read all day. But I can't.

    Most of all, I'd like people to stop bitching to me. I have almost no reserves of patience left and I'm going to break and scream at someone before long.