Monday, March 19, 2007

Should I move?

My apartment is starting to feel cramped. I have two desks in my dining room, and no room for a dining room table. I want a separate office, but that means an apartment with (1) a den, (2) a sunroom or (3) a second bedroom.

The complex where I live now has loft apartments, which would work. But last I checked, they were a little on the pricy side. However - it would avoid a moving company, and a new deposit/pet fee/etc., most likely. I should really go into the office and ask.

But then ... I'd kinda like to move somewhere new. But everywhere else seems so expensive and doesn't give me much more space. Sigh.

This place has cool floorplans and isn't outrageous:

I know exactly where this place is, and they have sunrooms, but it's more expensive:

This place looks kinda cool, but on the expensive side (with less room):

Don't know ... don't know ... don't know.


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