Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This week in fashion

It's day three of my "pants-less" week.

Monday: Black double-breasted coat dress, black stockings (a mistake, despite the cute pattern) and black heels. Hair in pigtails. I like the dress, but I need to figure out what to wear under it ... and that black stockings make me look like I'm headed to a funeral.

Tuesday: Long black/white tweed skirt, peach cotton t-shirt, black velvet jacket, actual pantyhose, black heels. Hair that I kept taking down and redoing. I got a surprising number of complements on the outfit, which I wasn't really feeling before work.

Wednesday: Purple with greenish-brown and blue patterned wrap dress and knee-high brown boots. Hair back in a clip. I love this dress, which is funky. No-one has said much, aside from K when I mentioned the little camisole I'm wearing underneath so I don't futz with the neckline all day, thinking I'm flashing everyone. She said that wrap dresses can be difficult that way.

On the shoe-related front, I've been to five different shoe stores/departments in the past two days and have hardly been tempted. I was kinda looking for new black heels; I found one pair today that I liked, but they were too expensive - considering I have at least 3 pairs of black heels already. Sigh.


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