Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What I'm reading

I didn't really want to write today about what I'm reading, but I'm lacking for other things to discuss. I'm not done reading what I plan to have read by the end of the week, and I was going to write about it this weekend. However.

1. Flowers in the Attic: Ah, the classic incest romance/horror/whatever trashy novel this is supposed to be. I think all girls are supposed to have read it by the time they reach 16 years old, but I've never been one to follow the crowd. In honor of Freedom to Read Challenge, I picked this one first, as it was at the top of every list. I spent nearly all day on Saturday in bed, reading this book. It was awful - especially the dialogue - but really addictive.

Now I need to read the next one ... and I just added the movie to my Netflix list.

2. Farmer Boy: Book 2 in the "Little House" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I'm trying to read them in order, but "On the Banks of Plum Creek" is on my FRC list, which means reading "Little House on the Prairie" (Book 3) first. Which I am. Right now.

I enjoyed this one, which surprised me a little - it's a kids book, and I'm not a big reader of kids books.

3. Graphic Novels: First "Stormwatch: Force of Nature", then ... whichever one it is that introduces Apollo and The Midnighter - I'd have to check. I also finally made my way through "The Authority: Kev", of which I'm not a big fan (I've had the book for at least a year, unread). I still haven't read "The Authority: Revolution Book 1".


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