Friday, April 27, 2007

84 Charing Cross Road

Maybe it's the (two glasses of) wine. Or the beer I had before the wine ...

Or that it's Friday and I'm sitting alone. But I watched 84 Charing Cross Road tonight. And tried not to cry.

This movie reminds me of my mom (hi Mom!), who I remember liking it a lot. It's such a sweet movie. The story of two people who are completely in sync despite the fact that they are an ocean apart. 20 years of friendship between two people who've never met. Then he dies. And it's sad. And she finally goes to London after he's dead and the store is closed. So sad. And so sweet.

And maybe I secretly wish I were Anne Bancroft. Or was named Helene.

And yay ... I get to see my mom in two weeks! YAY! And we'll drink wine. And eat smelly cheese.

I like my mom. And my sisters. I like spending time with them. And I shouldn't post after a beer and two glasses of wine, after watching a beautiful, sad movie.

And I'm an editor at heart because I can't not run the spell check (it doesn't like "Charing" or "yay") ...


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