Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And you WILL have fun, even if it kills you

Tuesday is trivia night.

Last year, a friend/co-worker and I were having a bad day. We went to a nearby bar after work to have a beer and bitch about our jobs. It was the middle of round one, and we reluctantly started playing. By the end, we were both in a better mood and promised to come back the next week and win. We came back, and although we didn't win that week, we have won a few times since. It's nearly always a very fun time even though the original friend only comes occasionally now (she now has a husband and a baby, which keeps her out of bars). We've become regulars; we have a favorite waitress. I got dragged up to the stage on my birthday this year, and although that's the kind of thing I generally hate, it was kinda fun.

Last night ... was not so much fun.

The management was trying a new trivia franchise, part of a new local league someone is trying to start. They were ... aggressively cheerful. Obnoxiously. Beat my head on the table irritating.

The more I think about it - I like the idea of a league. I didn't mind most of the questions, except the stupidly obviously wrong answers. The change in point system wasn't bad per se, especially once it became obvious that the later rounds were actually getting a bit more difficult. But the presentation was the complete antithesis of why we go to that particular bar for trivia.

And we weren't the only ones to complain. The manager/owner/I'm not sure walked around the tables and we were quite clear about our dislike for the aggressive, let's-all-participate style of the game. We sat next to another team (Older and Wiser), and talked about how none of us were having much fun. Another team came up to us after and talked about how much it sucked.

I appreciate that they want to do something new and that they need to bring new people into the bar. But alienating their regulars probably isn't the way to go about it. However, the look on the m/o/?'s face after the game was a pretty good indicator that they won't be doing this particular trivia game again.

Since our office moved, this bar is no longer particularly convenient. But I don't want to have to find another regular place.


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