Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Previews: Superbad, Balls of Fury, Delta Farce, 28 Weeks Later, Knocked Up

Hee! My love for Simon Pegg continues unabated. Although I'm so used to seeing him with facial hair; something seems wrong when he's clean-shaven.

More at the ...

Everyone seemed to be having so much fun in the movie, and it was so very funny. A little bloody for my taste - the one death scene, specificially, when someone gets killed by a piece of falling stone, was just disgusting. And at the end - I knew generally what would happen, but it was so much worse than I thought it would be.

Still ... very, very funny. And a little research shows this was the second movie I've seen this year, not the first. Interestingly, I already own that one on DVD ...


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