Thursday, April 05, 2007

More of what's wrong with Lost

I was watching Lost this morning - I couldn't be bothered to watch it live last night - and started thinking again about what's just not working for me with this show. I have friends who are very invested and thus in very much pain because they don't feel it's living up to its potential, but I've found myself a much healthier apathy-level, and I'm not usually very bothered.

But here's what I think is wrong. It's not that Lost doesn't know what it wants to be - it's that the show wants to be everything.

It wants to be action-adventure, with the conflict between the crash victims and "the others". It wants to be a sci-fi, with the mysterious smoke monster, the strange visions and micracle healings. It wants to be deep and philosophical: science v. belief, good v. evil, past v. present. It wants to be an exploration of community building. It wants to examine the interconnectedness of all things. It wants to talk about love - between lovers and not-quite lovers, between friends, between survivors.

And it can't do that - not in one hour a week - without pissing off a lot of people.

I don't want to suggest that a TV show can't be any of these things, or many of these things. But I think that this show cannot be all of those things every week. And most people who watch the show watch for one or two of those reasons - but having to wait two or three weeks between when those reasons become a major part of the plot again is frustrating. So they lose hope - it's not the show they wanted it to be.

As always - just my random thoughts.

P.S. The story about Nikki and Paulo - the biggest waste of my time ...


  1. JP has all but given up. I am startng not to care. I totally agree with your assesment of it trying to be all things to all people. It can't and it is trying really hard. They also need to learn to pace themselves like X-Files did before Moronia came along. X-Files dealt with a lot of issues, but not during every episode all the time.

    This morning when I watched it to, I realized I just don't care! The directors antaics aren't cute and clever anymore, they are stupid and underhanded. Bad, bad comparison, but although I started to care less about Beverly Hills 90210 by the end, I was too invested in the characters to not watch the show come to a close. I think there is something magical about a show that makes you give a damn about the characters and no matter how much you loose interest in the basic storyline you care about the characters.

    Between this show and Desperate Hosewives, ABC is loosing touch.

    Ok, I have ranted enough! But 24, now that is great show!

  2. yeah - the thing is that there are shows that can be multiple things and do all of them really well. Lost is trying too many, and just isn't good at juggling it all.