Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Lots of giggles of joy yesterday when I heard about Torchwood coming to BBC America.

I loved Capt. Jack on Doctor Who and have more than eagerly awaited for his show to makes its way to the U.S. - I have both a Google news alert set up and a wishlist search on my Tivo.

It's a more graphic show than its predecessor - more violent, more bad language, more sex. And I'll be honest and say that with sites like YouTube out there, it's not hard to watch pretty much all of it online already. But I'll still happily watch it on BBC America and tell all my friends to do so too.


  1. Ahh..Capt. Jack. You silly woman. Does this mean a big gathering for Torchwood watching?

  2. Hmmm ... maybe. I am looking for a show to force people to watch regularly. We'll see.