Saturday, May 05, 2007

EW's "Sci-Fi 25"

This week's Entertainment Weekly has "The Sci-Fi 25", a list of what they call "EW's picks for the genre's greatest moments from the past 25 years."

You can read the story here, and read my comments after the ...

Looking at the list (which I'm not going to go into specifically), here are my thoughts on each:

25. Seen it. MST3K-ed with friends, once. Tina owns it.
24. Seen it, liked it ... it's been a while.
23. You could say I'm a fan.
22. Loved this show when it was on ... it's been a long time.
21. Yay! I named my cat Zoidberg.
20. I have the DVD of part one, but never saw part two, which EW says is the best part.
19. Seen it ... Always saw this as satire, with it's biting "Triumph of the Will" scene ... but I can't say I'm really a fan.
18. Yay!
17. Own it.
16. Know I've seen it ... own the book it's based on. Remember very little.
15. Own both. Sometimes get a little obsessive, but not too much.
14. Loved it. Own it.
13. Seen it. Yeah. Like the first - it wasn't what I expected when I first saw it. 2 was ... good, I guess ...
12. Seen it. Always fun.
11. We all know how I feel about this.
10. Never seen it.
9. Seen it. Great movie.
8. Watched it at the time. Prefer DS9.
7. Seen it, of course.
6. Seen it, own the special Criterion version.
5. Seen it. Used to own the T-shirt. (site is down!)
4. Watched it. Liked it. Tina, they're coming to take the baby!
3. Seen it, but it's been a really really long time. Should watch the director's cut sometime. Own the book.
2. A favorite. Own it all.
1. Seen it, liked it ... but it's not my favorite.

Go to the EW link to see the actual show/movie titles, I don't feel like it's right for me to copy it all here. Interestingly, there's only one that I've never seen.


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