Friday, May 04, 2007

Gilmore Girls ends

It's being pretty widely reported that the May 15 episode of Gilmore Girls will be the series finale.

Although I really like the show, I can't say that I'm all that upset by this.

(Follow the ...)

I've never been a crazy fan of the show like some, but generally I have liked it. Until last season.

I continued to watch, in despair, as the characters I enjoyed became people I did not particularly recognize. Lorelai became alternately a completely self-centered bitch and a total doormat. Luke became an incredible jackass. Rory throws everything away and becomes some weird version of the daughter her grandparents always wanted Lorelai to be (except with the Yale dropping out of, etc.). Everyone is just generally unpleasant and unkind and selfish and ... I don't like these people anymore.

Season 7 hasn't been all flowers and cupcakes, but there was a lot of rebuilding work to be done. As we approach the end of the show, it finally feels like it has found its footing again, which is as good a way as any to go out.

I've bitched here about Veronica Mars before, but I did welcome it's return this week. And I'm curious about the potential FBI series reboot ... although I can't find the story I read about it now ...


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