Monday, May 07, 2007

I feel like I should look around more

Went to look at apartments this morning. Just the one complex, the place where I pretty much decided to move.

Follow the ...

(I'm not going into detail about exactly where the place is - I see no reason to encourage any theoretical stalkers.)

Over the weekend, I decided that, even if they didn't have the exact apartment layout I wanted, I liked the community generally and should just go with what they do have. So I went for a tour.

The complex has 3 different floorplans for 1 bedroom, and the one I thought that I would like was, in fact, the one I liked best. However, the other two I liked in reverse order. Everything looked smaller than I expected; some of the buildings looked older than I remembered, and I kept second-guessing myself the whole time. Then she showed me the apartment I liked online ... and it was very cool and I wanted it and ... it's not available.

OK, so I'm rambling on. But the main point is that I have to drop off a cheque tomorrow for them to put me on the wait list so that when something becomes available - not the one I want, but any - I'll be first on the list for it. And the money is not refundable, but does become my application fee should something become available.

I feel like I should look at other places ... but I hate apartment hunting. Nothing looks good until my stuff is in it. And the leasing manager mentioned painting the walls several times and all the cool decorating ideas she's seen ... sigh.


  1. GreenEbilkeMan10:07 PM

    OK. Back from Cary. I has a b'day celebration for my Sister-in-law, who just turned the big 5-0. She's a wonderful woman, and my brother is SO lucky to have her in his life.

  2. The waitlist is not surprising. WUNC had a news snipit yesterday about how renting is up the triangle and will only keep going up. I think you are moving at a good time.

  3. My big concern is that June is going to roll along and they still don't have an apartment for me. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket, but I also can't afford to drop $40 in non-refundable fees at a dozen different places.