Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Random thoughts for a busy day ...

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1. I've been unusually tired lately. Sunday night, I went to bed by 11pm. Most nights it's midnight and up at 8am-ish, but lately I'm exhausted by the time I leave work. Don't really know why.

2. My typing is crap today. I just can't spell or type anything right.

3. I bought awesome new shoes yesterday, but they're pinching just one random toe. I will figure out how to make them comfy!

4. I have no dental floss in my drawer ...

5. They've changed the trivia time. I'll have to come into work early and leave early to attend. I'm torn about this.

6. Day off Friday! No site update on Saturday! Out of town this weekend!

7. Read my first Wil Wheaton ST:NG recap today. Funny!

8. Dropped off a check (cheque? is that too pretentious?) today to get on the waitlist for an apartment ... this is Cary, there should not be waitlists required ...


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