Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Notes on today, take two

Lost the first post. Grrr ...

Follow the ...

1. I had to be at work before 9am. That's too damn early. Shut up, rest of the normal working world.

2. I got the apartment I want!! So happy!

3. I want to build a room divider screen. With replaceable panels. I've seen a few suggestions online, but not sure how I want to go about it yet. And I don't want to spend $200.

4. Suddenly realized the other day that "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" is "Empire Strikes Back", at least at the end. Check out the description of (part of) the end in EW:
Feisty [Elizabeth Swann/Princess Leia], her swashbuckling beau [Will Turner/Luke Skywalker], and the [undead/betrayer] [Captain Barbossa/Lando Calrissian] are uniting to rescue rakish ... [Capt. Jack Sparrow/Han Solo], who was last seen being [dragged into the sea by the kraken/frozen in carbonite] commanded by [Davy Jones/Jabba the Hut].
I'm telling you, it's the same movie! And the bad guy is the hero's father!

5. Finally got my hair cut today after thinking about it for weeks. It's both totally different and completely the same. I have crazy bangs! And I think the back needs to be a bit shorter - I may go back next week and ask her to cut it a bit more.


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