Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why do I tell such LIES?

I'm not entirely sure why I do this.

Several times recently, when I checkout at a particular grocery store, the clerk has felt the need to comment on the name on my discount card. The thing is, it's not actually my card - it's one that I shared with a former roommate (Hi Tina!) and it has her name on it. Except that it has her full first name, which is the feminized version of a relatively uncommon man's name. Which is to say that it's unusual, and the clerk always feels the need to comment on it.

Sometimes I just smile and say nothing, or correct their mispronounciation. But I always wonder if they'll notice that the name is completely different from the name on my debt card ... although I'm not sure that they ever see the name on my debt card. Anyway, the last few times I've said that it's my roommate's name, not mine, and that I'm borrowing her card.

Except that today, I went farther. I told the woman that it was my roommate's card. And that she moved. To Fayetteville. And I was on the verge of explaining that her husband was in the Army when I realized that she didn't care and I was telling an elaborate lie about an incredibly unimportant thing. So I stopped.

I should just go back to saying that it's my roommate's card.


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