Saturday, May 19, 2007

You take the good, you take the bad

It's been an odd day.

On the negative side, I've had an insanely bad headache all day, and this is like day 3 of crazy headaches. But I got motivated and got out early to go to a different - and, I hoped, bigger and better - Target. And they had nothing I was looking for. Neither did Home Depot, although I did buy an orchid.

On the positive side, I drove by my soon-to-be apartment today, which is in a nice, quiet corner of the street. Then I drove across the street to a shopping center to check out the place I'll probably be buying groceries, and there was a used book store! I had a pleasant conversation with the guy who runs it about selling some of my books. Yay! And they had my favorite ice cream at the HT, plus the catfood I give Zoid and which everyone else seems to have stopped carrying. And it's a beautiful day.


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