Monday, June 04, 2007

Photos! Updated!

I took some pictures late night/today when I was working on the fake stained glass panels I'm doing for the windows in the new apartment. I'm not sure how practical what I'm doing is, but I kinda like the look.

Updated to add the photos!

gold leading

Found a pattern I liked; after much uncertain editing, I printed out what I thought was a usable size. I bought a plastic base thing and some "paint peel and stick-on transparent paint." That's the gold leading design.

drying time

Then we fill in the colors - I'm trying to tie together my green/purple/gold living room colors with my likely blue/purple breakfast nook. Dry overnight and ...


The paint peels off (although it also likes to separate at the seams) and sticks to the window. Right now I'm doing 8x10-inch panels, which I don't know if is the right plan. I'm going to do 3 or 4 and fit them together and see how I like it. If it doesn't work, well I'm out about $13.


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