Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My feet hate me

Or, specifically, just my right foot, I guess. It hurts - first my big toe, which I was blaming on my new sneakers, but I think that's just the latest iteration of the problem. Today I wore my pink pumps, and after about an hour it felt like someone was cutting off my little toe. Luckily, I had brought my sneakers to wear and take a walk at lunch (and wear for trivia - 3rd place tonight, but I remembered what actor played a waiter in "The Blues Brothers" and a vampire in the movie "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" so I feel fulfilled), so could change. And I'd wrapped enough bandages around my big toe that it didn't really bother me at all - or maybe the shoes are starting to break in. Pictures of the shoes tomorrow. Anyway, my feet, which have long been a problem but lately not so much are a problem yet again. And now I'm just kinda enjoying the fact that this blog post is becoming one long rambling paragraph.


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