Monday, January 28, 2008


So - I've gotten new neighbors both across the "hall" and above me in the past few months. And I've decided to blame all the strange new noises on them.

1. For some reason, there's a weird, irregular, dripping-type noise in my bathroom. It sounds like it's coming from the exhaust fan in the ceiling, just an occassional, random "plonk."

2. In the living room, I keep hearing random thunks and beeps, with no clear source. They don't really sound like their coming from the ceiling, usually, but could be outside somewhere.

3. I think there's a mouse in my wall. I don't share a wall with any other apartment, but I do share with the storage rooms. And I can hear a relatively constant scrabbling in the wall behind my thermostat, which is the wall with storage on the other side. I have a cat - isn't he supposed to keep out the mice?

All these sudden new noises are driving me nuts!


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