Monday, February 18, 2008

Because it's easier than typing it all again

My friend R and I were talking today over IM and got on a whole Torchwood discussion, and it's easier to copy-and-paste my thoughts then type 'em out again:

ME: I got really really pissed off at TVSquad's recapper - who said,
ME: "Of course, playing a part in all of that is the fact that Jack seems to have fallen hard for Gwen and would probably like nothing more than for a legitimate reason to come up for breaking up her and Rhys. I suspect his relationship with Ianto is merely to fill the space until such time as he can follow his true heart's calling."
ME: no no no no no

R: did you write back
R: ?

ME: Jack and Gwen would be a terrible couple, and I will hate this show if they every even think of getting them together

R: I think Jack and Ianto are cute together

ME: me too

R: but then, I
R: 've only seen what you've showed me

ME: here's my take on the whole triange -
ME: To Jack, Gwen represents the things he's lost - innocence, empathy, love. Because of who he is and what he's seen and done, he can never get those things back.
ME: I can completely believe that Gwen is in love with Jack - but not that he's in love with her
ME: he loves what she represents, and wants her to keep being those things - which she would lose if she left Rhys for Jack
ME: Ianto, on the other hand,
ME: I think was just a fling - at first
ME: Ianto is clearly someone who needs to take care of others - of Torchwood in general, of Lisa, now of Jack
ME: but I think when they thought that Jack was dead, it because much clearer to Ianto how much he really does care for Jack

R: yeah, he seemed to be very upset over that whole situation

ME: and I think Jack's time away showed him that he really does want/need deeper connections
ME: it's a line from "Doctor Who", but very appropriate here - Any of these people can spend the rest of their lives with jack, but Jack cannot spend the rest of his life with them

R: very true

ME: plus - you know, this show was created by a gay man and stars a gay man and if he ultimately ends up with the girl - that's such a sell-out

R: to be honest, how close can Jack actually get to anyone
R: isn't he sort of like the doctor
R: wants a connection, but cannot let himself get too close

ME: right

ETA: Hidden away ... full of not really but kinda spoilers ...

The thing is - we've seen Jack die. In the end, Gwen sure as hell wasn't the one standing with him - that was the only person that I have no question that Jack loves.


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