Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not thinking deep

Remember when I used to occasionally write things here that were sometimes vaguely deep (is that possible?) and at least showed that I was thinking about things? As opposed to more photos of random things I made?

Good times.

I've been trying to think about why I haven't written much in the way of anything ... meaningful? interesting? ... lately. Laziness is always an element; thinking is too much like work. And being busy with work, or at work, which means I don't want to log onto my computer at home to do anything that seems like work.

Another issue I've been thinking about is that I think I don't really know how to think through an idea. This, I think, is a problem with being a relatively intelligent person - in school, I was smart enough to kinda fake or think my way through most things, so I never really had to learn how to actually work an issue or argument through to the end. I suspect this is a significant reason why I never finished by master's thesis (not the main reason; the main reason was burn-out) - I collected the data and wrote it all out, but I really didn't know how to get from there to my main point.

So really, when I start writing about something here and have a point I'm trying make, I don't quite always know how to get from A to B. I start to write and ... it just peters out.

Of course, chances are good that none of the few of you who read this site care if I write about anything deeper than the pillows I created from cute pillowcases. Why anyone would read this who isn't family, friend, or someone I linked to, I don't know.



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