Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lots of photos for Sunday

This post is almost entirely photos. Click the ... or the headline or date to see them all!

Mmmmm ... coffee

That's coffee with whipped cream, which I had with my French toast with whipped cream and sliced strawberries:

Note my pretty new tablecloth - I've been looking for bright yellow, but I like this a lot.

Yay! Part two of my service gift arrived! Very pretty and very substantial:

I've given up on painting the glass in this window and found this very pretty hanging thing instead:

Also found this one, which I love, but the blue doesn't go with my living room - so it's in the center of 3 windows in my breakfast nook instead.

Photos of the patio - table and chairs (with cute cushions!) out, double shepard hook with bird feeders, giant aloe plant, lots of empty pots.

Hanging basket with Wandering Jew:

Then I bought more plants! Here's my Dahlia and Nemesia combo:

This is a Viola Klose sage:

Nemesia again, with Eastern Star Dianthus:

And Foxglove:

Yay, plants! I'm hoping it won't get too cold again and kill everything ...


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