Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random thoughts for a Sunday

I was taking a walk at work on Friday, and I had all kinds of ideas about how I needed to write a deep and meaningful blog post about visual thinking and ... a word that I can't think of. I'm still really tired this morning, obviously, and the thoughts aren't coming out very coherently, so forget that for now.

Also thought I'd write about the finale of Torchwood, which I just watched and so might be a little easier to do. I'd heard the rumors about who was leaving months ago, but wasn't sure how I felt about it - at least one reported departure didn't happen in the finale (although that doesn't mean it won't happen at the start of the next (assumed) season), which was the one I was most worried about. But I thought that the way the two who did go went was very good - I didn't want them to just leave, or to go after a long and boring goodbye (*cough - Lee Adama - cough*). I'm afraid, though, that Torchwood has become a lot like Lost to me in terms of how I watch it: Good enough so that I watch regularly, but with enough story problems that I've lost much serious investment in the show. It's easier to let the illogical moments just flow over you.

And of course Doctor Who has started again and I'm trying really really hard not to spoil myself, which means there are certain web sites and mailing lists that I have to be careful about.

Oh, and I just joined Facebook, although I can't imagine I'll use it much. But Twitter links into it, which will make it look a little more updated.


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