Monday, April 21, 2008

So ... mice

... or, more accurately, one tiny adorable gray mouse. Well, one that I saw, anyway. But I knew it was coming. A few weeks ago, I could hear the soft chewing in the wall, and I knew a mouse was there.

It's not a surprise. (1) I live right next to the storage areas. (2) I live right next to the greenway (i.e. forest-y area).

The cat, of course, is all over this. I could hear him chasing it and the tiny squeaking of the mouse. So I ran out and got some traps - two of the giant plastic chip-clip type, and two old-fashioned kind that, frankly, I cannot set; I tried, repeatedly, and the hook kept slipping off and I didn't want to lose a finger.

But I feel slightly less freaked out with the two, probably useless traps, and the cat. I'll stop by my apartment manager's office in the morning and report it. They'll probably want to come in and seal holes (I hope) and set more traps, but I'm concerned that they don't set out anything that the cat might get into ... and I really cannot keep him locked in one room for a week - or however long it takes to work this out.

Of course, if I get up in the morning and I've actually caught the mouse, maybe I'll just invest in a few more of the clippy ones.

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  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I once lived in an apartment that was a renovated attic. I often heard mice and set traps in the eave area but found it very disturbing that I would hear the traps snap and later when I looked they were gone.