Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday plans and photos

I was in bed this morning, not wanting to get up, thinking about being annoyed that I needed to clean off my patio today so the management can powerwash the building on Tues/Wed (if I didn't do it today ... everything would just get wet). And, shockingly - given the pessimist I usually am - I've decided to look at this as an opportunity instead.

I've been talking for weeks about buying new plants, but the weather has been so gray and rainy, that I keep putting it off. But this is the perfect opportunity to actually come up with a plan for outside and prepare for it. All the plants are now in my kitchen; the empty pots, table, chairs, etc., are in the storage room. After I finish this, I'm going to Target and elsewhere to look for: hanging lamps (maybe one inside and one outside, which again, I've wanted to do for 6 months and keep putting off), drill bits, cushions for my outside chairs, and maybe a shade to block my view of the air conditioner. This week, I'm going to draw up some plans for what I want the outside to look like, what plants I want, and so on. I think it will be fun!

ETA: Back from shopping - no lamps I liked or thought were worth the effort. Did find cute chair cushions, though.


I spent all yesterday morning at the apartment of a coworker who lives very close by; she invited people over to do some beading, although I ended up bringing some cross-stitching over to do instead. However, afterwards in was in a total beading mood, and started designing a few necklaces. Today, my back hurts.


Photos that I've not bothered to put up:

This is the decanter part of the decanter and glasses I ordered as my 5-year anniversary gift at work. It's very pretty, if a bit more conventional than I really wanted. Still waiting for the missing glasses.

These are my poor, suffering plants, that I put outside a few weeks ago and have since gotten some combination of too much sun/too much rain/not enough love from me. As I said, they're all inside now, and I cut some of the leaves off the prayer plant, so maybe they'll survive. I've had both for years and years now, and would hate to lose them.

My mom bought me these pajamas when I was home last Christmas. I wear them a lot. But, as you can see, I haven't bothered to cut off the pants, which are a good 4-6 inches too long. I've caught my toe in the bottom at least three times this weekend, including this morning while carrying a nearly full cup of coffee, part of which I proceeded to fling across the room as I caught myself.

(If you look at the closeup, which I don't really recommend since I don't have the world's most attractive feet, the reason my toes look weirdly yellow is because I'd just come in from moving plants when I took this picture, and my feet are covered in pollen.)

I think I have some hemming to do today.


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