Saturday, April 12, 2008

Watching movies

They predicted thunderstorms today, so I didn't do all the gardening stuff I wanted to do today. However, I did buy a shepard's hook to hang my hummingbird feeder on, and a new birdfeeder (the old one was cheap and plastic and small). Mind you, aside from one shower, it didn't really rain all that much.

Finally watched "The Departed," which I'd rented from Netflix weeks ago and left sitting around. I'm not sure why I was resistant to watch it - I guess I need to be in the mood for the language and the violence. But it was actually really good. I always seem to have a mixed reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio, who always seems too young for pretty much any role, but I liked him here. Yes, lots and lots of violence, and some interesting directing choices, and overall, I liked.

Currently 3/4 through "Housewife 49," another one I'm liking a lot. It's about a middle aged housewife during World War II, based on the letters of a real woman. I've already cried through a solid chunk, and I'm waiting for more people to get killed. Sigh. I think it's one Mom would like.


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