Friday, May 23, 2008

Dreams, part 2

Last night:

I was in prison for some relatively minor crime. I got three years. Two friends and I (apparently, this was a co-ed prison, since they were both guys) decided to break out. One got stabbed in the neck by a guard (?) who then proceeded to stab me in the leg, but I felt no pain.

We escaped, and went to stay for a few days with a friend/relative of one of my co-escapees. This f/r got me a job for his company, where I did normal, office-work-type stuff, all under my own name. Although I think I was still sleeping on his couch.

Some time passes, maybe a year. I've been offered a job at another company, when it suddenly occurs to me that if I take it, they'll find out that I'm a wanted criminal. I can't decide if I should stay where I am, try to take the new job and hope they don't find out, or turn myself in. I decide to turn myself in, telling my coworkers the whole story and going to the police, hoping to have a normal life again.

I woke up convinced that I needed to tell everyone that I was a wanted criminal. So now you know.


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