Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer TV

So, summer is obviously here (it's 97F outside!), which shuffles my TV watching habits. Here's my quick rundown of what I'll be watching.
  1. "Angel" - in repeats, on TNT, two hours every morning. I tuned in right at the end, so it just wrapped around back to the first season. I was an inconsistent watcher when it was originally on, but I spent all weekend eagerly looking forward to it.

  2. "Battlestar Galactica" - the mid-season break starts after this Friday's show, which sucks. I think this season has been a little hit or miss (the best description I read about "Sine Qua Non" was that it was like falling down a flight of stairs - you get somewhere in the end, but it was bumpy on the way down.

  3. "Greek" is also about to take a break, but that leaves my Monday's open for

  4. "Gossip Girl" repeats - summer seems like the perfect time to get caught up!

  5. "Doctor Who" - of course. I seem to like all the episodes that people online don't, and dislike those that they do.

  6. "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" - I'm a sucker for D'Onfrio, I admit. Forgot it was on last night - yay Tivo!

  7. "Swingtown" - giving it a try, but I'm not sold yet.

  8. Oh, and "Venture Bros." is back - I keep forgetting about it too, but again, the Tivo never forgets.

  9. "Burn Notice" - back on July 10! Yay Michael Weston! Yay Bruce Campbell!

  10. Speaking of USA, "Monk" and

  11. "Psych" are back on July 18!

  12. "Mad Men" is back July 27 - HUZZAH

  13. On the reality front, I'm not hooked on "The Mole" yet - not the same without AC,

  14. but there's still "Hell's Kitchen" to make me weep for the people who eat there.

Wow, OK, that's still a lot of TV.


  1. My summer TV list:

    1. "The Simpsons" reruns, if I remember to turn the TV on at 11.

    2. "SpongeBob Squarepants" if I come right home from work.

    3. Some flavor of "Law and Order" if G and I want to watch TV at the same time.

    Oh wait, this is my Spring, Fall, and Winter TV list as well...

  2. I'm watching Battlestar Season 1 right now!!! :) It is a HIT or MISS but my husband seems to really like the battle scenes. :)

  3. When BSG is on target, it's amazing. When it's not, it's just so bad.

    But I always value Jacob's take on it - if you have a lot of time to read.