Friday, June 27, 2008

Tonight's "Doctor Who" comment

It's been a while, I know ... a thought on "Silence in the Library"/"Forest of the Dead" ...

Although I'm slightly spoiled for the current season of "Doctor Who," it's only up to what's airing on UK TV right now. So I don't know who River Song actually is supposed to be. But here's my thought:

I read somewhere - in a recap of "The Doctor's Daughter," but I can't remember where - that Steven Moffat asked the writers of that episode not to kill off Jenny, which had been the original plan.

This two parter ("Silence" and "Forest") was written by Moffat. I've read some speculation online that River is going to be the Doctor's wife, which I think is what they're setting us up to think, but this just doesn't fit in the "DW" universe to me.

What if, instead, she's Jenny's daughter? My first thought was that she's a regeneration of Jenny, but I like the daughter idea better. Which would explain their very close relationship, all of the things they've done together, the absolute trust she has in him, and why she knows his real name. I think he's so stunned that she is family, because he still thinks there's no one else left - he doesn't know Jenny survived.

Anyway - I've no proof. Just my random thoughts.


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