Saturday, July 19, 2008

"The Dark Knight"

PREVIEWS: Quantum of Solace, Twilight, Watchmen, Body of Lies, Terminator Salvation

I'm reading Twilight for book club next month, and I'm really glad I am as far into it as I am - I might have felt a little spoiled otherwise. As it was, it was kinda fun seeing it.

But on to the show.

The Dark Knight was an enjoyable movie. Long. Dark. Often funny. Unfortunately for me, filled with one too many "Hey! It's that guy!" moments (although I doubt this will be an issue for most people - unless, as an example - like me, you're watching two hours of "Angel" every day and thus spend 20 minutes of the movie wondering why Detective Stephens looks so familiar, before realizing it's Keith Szarabajka, who played Holtz).

Heath Ledger, very good (although everyone acquitted themselves well). He did creepy well, with the tongue thing and the constantly changing backstory. Although with all the Oscar talk, I kept wondering which clip they might pick for the show (which is distracting).

Maybe it's because I'm getting older or maybe it's a reflection of current global realities, but I have less and less stomach for the violence in movies like this anymore. And there were lots of things blowing up.

So. Thought it was good - didn't fall in love.


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