Thursday, July 10, 2008

The interconnectedness of all things

(or what Wikipedia taught me this week)

1. The entry for Doctor Who on Wikipedia is a never-ending rabbit hole. I went online a week or two ago to find out the spelling of a particular MacGuffin, and wasted huge chunks of time reading about different episodes and counting companions (and disagreeing with particular choices).

2. So when Masterpiece was moving on to Masterpiece Mystery!, I was confused by the listing of Foyle's War among the shows - the last episode I saw felt very much like an ending (one the felt rushed and unsatisfying), and I wasn't sure if there were actual new episodes or repeats. Wikipedia tells me that they are new episodes (and that there are negotiations for even more!).

3. I was writing up my little sidebar comment last weekend about Inspector Lewis - again on MM - and didn't remember the name of DS Hathaway. So I started poking around Wikipedia again and learned these two things: (a) Lewis was originally created to replace Foyle and (b) the actor who plays Hathaway is married to Billie Piper, Rose on DW!

It all comes back around ...


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