Friday, July 25, 2008

More "Doctor Who"

Wow. Just - holy crap. If you haven't watched "The Stolen Earth," go away.
At the moment I'm writing this, I'm so not spoiled for the end. I'd heard that Davros was coming back, and that the final two episodes were like companion-palooza, but not this. Not regeneration.

David Tennant's under contract for the next series, isn't he? Oh man. I mean, I'd heard kind of vague, general rumblings, but I thought 2009 was the year of specials to accommodate his schedule. Wikipedia says "David Tennant is confirmed to star until 2010." I just ... I don't know. And photos! I've seen photos of him in the Christmas Special!

And Ianto can't die. Half of Torchwood died at the end of last series, the other half can't die in "Doctor Who." Just no. I appreciated his continued mildly exasperated jealousy about Jack - and Ianto still gets the best lines.

I can't believe they'd kill Sarah Jane, either. She has her own show! Which Wikipedia tells me is coming back for at least another series, so that's not happening.

I just hope this all isn't a rewind like last year.

ETA: Just reading people's reaction online calmed me down a bit, between seeing the same WTF reaction from everyone and some suggestions as to how DW will get around it.

ALSO: Glad I typed this up before seeing the previews for next week, which ... pretty much ruins the cliff-hanger.


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