Saturday, August 02, 2008

Always dangerous

I'm working this morning, from home. And as I sit in front of my computer, I keep thinking:
  1. Wow, this place is a mess. I'm great at clutter.
  2. You know, I've lived here a year!
  3. In the past year, I've only made two relatively minor rearrangements. Maybe it's time to change things up.
I've already strongly considered ways to neaten up my desk area, including probably getting a little file cart for the office supplies, etc., that is scattered everywhere and/or is stored in shoeboxes. I'd love to get most of the junk off the hutch too - I rarely use most of it (and should probably just trash a lot of what's there). The sad thing is that I have a small file cart/cabinet already, but it's holding up the TV in my bedroom ...

Now I'm also considering: switching the chair and the couch in the living room; moving the computer desk under the window; finding a new place for the palm plant where it's less tempting for the cat to chew on.

Photos later if I actually make any changes!


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