Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's been a week or two of appointments - doctor, teeth (which I actually postponed until the end of the month because I just didn't have the time), hair and eyes.

Yesterday, my stylist did huge swatches of brown in my hair (she keeps wanting to dye it all brown, but it's too expensive to maintain and I really don't like it - I'll ask her to do less next time), and chopped it off short. It's cute, although not exactly what I had in mind ... still, I think I can maybe do fun things with it.

Today I got my eyes examined by a new doctor; the previous one was OK, but (1) the office was on the other side of town (near where I used to live), (2) it was always so crowded that once they forgot me, and (3) I always had a hard time finding frames, which then cost an arm and a leg.

So - new insurance, new doctor. Much cheaper. I've been complaining on and off for years that I thought my prescription was wrong, and have had 2 or 3 doctors tell me that no, it was accurate. This doctor said she thought that not only was my prescription too high, that one of the lenses wasn't quite right for my eye, and that the combination of these two things would make things better. Plus, she confirmed that my normal vision is 20-15, which is what I've always thought.

She dilated my eyes, so right now I'm typing without my glasses on. Everything is blurry (as it always is w/o my glasses), but when I put my glasses on, it gets much much worse.

Got new frames too - huzzah! I've never been happy with the ones I have ... they're too much like my old ones, but when I got them we spent what felt like hours trying on every pair with me rejecting them all. Plus these are plastic, so the nickel in the eye pieces won't turn green!

As soon as my new glasses come in, I'll take a new pic so y'all can see all the changes. Yay!


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