Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is a fountain pen I "inherited" from my grandfather. I'm not sure why I took it - I like pens in general, and I have a few other random things that belonged to him.

I spent part of today doing research on this pen and pencil set. I believe it's a Sheaffer Snorkel Sentinel (about 1/2 way down the page), from the 1950s.

I'm thinking about sending it out to get the insides repaired - it doesn't draw in water when I clean/test it. It does, however, write a bit with the now wet ink residue in the tip. Can't decide if it's worth the money, though, since I don't know that I'm a big fountain pen user (and my hands are already covered in ink spots just from playing today).

Also have (from Grandpa): I think it's a Sheaffer Touchdown Valiant in black (no serial number), which still seems to have a bit of ink in it (writes OK); and a Parker ball point pen and pencil, which are similar, but I don't think they're a set - they have slightly different colors and trim styles.

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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Forgot about the pens when we talked today. Don't know if repairs would be worthwhile; I'm sure ink may be hard to find and usually the user of the pen wears the nib in a certain way. That makes it somewhat uncomfortable for a different writer to use. I'm glad that you have those things from grandpa.
    love ya'