Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rearranging and rethinking

The most interesting thing about the rearrangement of the furniture in my living room last weekend, I think, is how different the apartment feels to me. Not only does the living area feel more open, the arrangement really separates the room into two parts: the living/tv area and the office area.

Here's the basic layout now:

The bedroom would be through the door at this end.

The odd thing is, in addition to breaking up the room better, the new furniture/arrangement makes my apartment feel more ... grown up? Maybe sophisticated is a better word, although I don't think my taste lives up to that word. The smaller tv stand, in a pine finish and stuck in the corner, was less me somehow, and made the space feel oddly temporary.

Rearranging this space has made me want to do more with the apartment. I've lived there just over a year now, and it's kind of amazing the things I've just lived with - boxes not fully unpacked, the pantry completely unorganized, stuff that should be in storage just sitting around. I've always been someone who just piles things wherever, but now I want to put them away and get the place to looking like an adult lives there.

I've made some minor progress in the kitchen, putting stuff away and arranging things a bit better. I think I'll tackle organizing the pantry this weekend.


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