Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Fringe" - my 2 cents, like everyone else

Didn't keep me glued to the screen, but I'll keep watching for now.

Don't really like the lead character - something about her feels off. Ah yes - the actress is from Australia. I suspected she was doing the accent; certain words don't sound quite normal. And I'd be thrilled to never see her thumb-on-her-lip/bite-her-lip/aren't-I-cute? face again.

And the dialogue was a little creaky at times, using unnatural sounding phrases. I'm not quite sure if the show wants to be ... I guess it wants to be a reality that's slightly off, but again, something just doesn't quite work. Too much actual reality, so the moments of other - Blair Browns mechanical arm, for example - really stand out to me as not being real, so I'm not thinking "oooh, creepy, this stuff could be going on right below the surface of our world!"


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