Thursday, November 06, 2008


OK, just finished the eighth Sookie Stackhouse novel (I haven't read any of the short stories yet). "From Dead to Worse" is the latest; I enjoyed it - a little more than #7, and I liked the end a lot.

I feel kinda restless though, knowing that I can't pick the next one up in a few days, although I do have most of the books with short stories on request from the library.

It's both interesting and frustrating, having read all the books and watching True Blood move forward so slowly. Again - lots of differences between them, but lots of the same storylines too. The previews for the next episode leave me wondering, though. I wonder how closely future seasons will stick with the books, or if they'll do what Dexter did, branching out in new directions after the first book.

I did get "Grave Sight" from the library to read next.


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