Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Because I like it here

I'm feeling a little off today - there's a huge weather system moving through, and big meteorological changes often make me headachey and blah. It was in the 60s F when I woke up this morning, with predicted high of 70F today, which is too warm for December, especially since it's been a lot colder than that up 'til yesterday.

I've been thinking about weather and environment a lot lately; as part of my search for new employment, I've accepted that I need to be willing to relocate for a good job elsewhere. The thing is, though, leaving aside the obvious logistical complications of moving ... I really like it here, and I really don't want to move.

I have a friend in San Diego (hi Rob!) who loves it there - he loves that it's almost always 70F and sunny. I like moderate temperatures. I like sun. I think I would hate living in a place where the weather didn't change much. I like seasons! I love the fall. I love wearing coats and sweaters and boots. I hate winter, generally, but winter in NC is usually pretty tolerable.

This is my seventh winter here; we've had snow storms and ice storms that knocked out power for days. And we've had winters like the past few, where there's a little snow, and maybe I need to scrape the windshield of the car a few times. But it usually doesn't get crazy cold, and we don't get snow that sticks around for weeks and weeks. I've done that: in college it once rained slush - literal globs of half-frozen water that sploched on the ground and made the world a horrible place. I grew up in the Midwest - it was cold, it snowed a lot. I spent two winters in Chicago, living barely more than a block off Lake Michigan.

So as I'm looking for a job, and I see a good looking opportunity in Massachusetts or Chicago, I think - really? Do you want to go through that again? Do you really want to stand in two feet of snow, waiting for a bus to take you to work?

No, not really. I really hope I can stay here.

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  1. I'm hoping so too and not just for selfish reasons. :)