Sunday, January 25, 2009

Books books

When I finally finished the ever growing, ever shrinking pile of library books sitting on my desk last week, I decided that I would take the opportunity to finish up the three or four books that I'd started earlier, that had been sitting around for months and months.

I finished one of them.

Then the library emailed to say that last book I'd had on hold for ages had finally come in.

Then the last Poldark book finally arrived from the used book store.

Then I read reviews of several sci fi/fantasy books of that sounded interesting, and had to go request them too.

Then friends sent a gift certificate to, and I ordered two more books.

So yeah - there's a pile again.


  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Just went by the library yesterday and picked up Wicked, which remarkably I've never read and a book about gangsters of Southern Il. It sounded interesting at the time but I haven't gotten into it yet.

  2. I read "Wicked" about a year ago - borrowed it from Mom when I was home for Christmas 2007. Then read "Son of a Witch" right after. There's a new one out in the series - "A Lion Among Men" - which I'll have to get to eventually. I liked the books overall, although they're not exactly cheerful.