Thursday, January 08, 2009


Finally, finally, finally finished re-reading this book. And it's not really that it took me all that long to read it, exactly - a few weeks at most. More, it's that I have six library books sitting here waiting to be read, and I had a really difficult time making myself sit down and read it.

Unlike a lot of the books I read at the end of last year, this wasn't a novel I could just blast through in a day or two. It's a complicated book, with a twisting plot (that I'm not really sure I completely get down to its most fundamental layers) and a TON of fictional politics. And I've realized more and more recently that I have so little patience for politics - especially in my novels, but to a not insignificant degree in real life. I joked with Mom over Christmas that I get through the Poldark books so fast because I just kinda skim through the dense Napoleonic-era British politics that continually pop up.

It's not quite so easy with "Cyteen," since the politics are in a lot of ways the point of the whole thing. But I still get impatient, muttering under my breath that I wish they'd just get on with the story. Sure, I like well-rounded characters, but when it comes to novels, I'm all about a great plot.

I do recommend "Cyteen" however - I've read and enjoyed many of Cherryh's books. I find I seldom have the patience to read them a second time, though.


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