Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Random notes

1. I'm still kinda amazed that it only took me 40 minutes to get a new driver's license yesterday, and that they took a check with the wrong address on it - which their sign specifically said was not permitted (the woman I paid said that as long as the address was NC, it was fine).

2. Still haven't finished rereading Cyteen - but soon!

3. I've been playing too much "The Sims 2" (see #2).

4. Episodes of the original "The Prisoner" are now available online at amctv.com! I made copies last time the show was on TV, or I'd be even more excited.

5. I'm tired of the rain.

6. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the (early) birthday gift! Zoid appreciated it too:


  1. OMG-Bub blogged. What was the early b.d. gift?

  2. oh - I missed that he blogged! thanks for pointing it out!

    No - m&d got me a dvd set I'd asked for.