Sunday, February 08, 2009

DVD shelf rewatch: Beautiful Thing

When did you first see this movie?
I caught it on IFC originally, ages ago. I had a copy I made on VHS for years before I bought it on DVD.

What is the movie about? Why did you buy the DVD?
Two boys who live on a South-East London housing estate fall in love. I bought it to replace my VHS copy.

How often do you watch this movie?
I used to watch it quite a bit, but it had been a while before tonight.

What is your favorite thing about this movie?
I've always really liked the scene where Ste and Jamie are chasing each other through the woods.

Did you see anything new when watching the movie this time?
Let's be frank - this movie has its issues. There have always been elements I really didn't like about it, especially the obviousness and stereotypical nature of some elements of the story.

But what really stood out this time for me was the absence of scenes that I think creates holes in the movie. For example, we're told that Jamie has been/is being teased, but aside from the opening scene and what's written in his notebook, we don't really ever see that; we do see him kind of hanging around the edges of Ste's friends, not really making much of an effort to be part of the group, but it doesn't seem like the other boys are actively hostile to him. Then Leah says she knows what happened and that Ste's brother knows - but again, aside from one brief scene of Leah seeing Ste leaving Jamie's place, we're not given any indication that she - or anyone - knows they've spent the night together, only that he slept there, which wasn't the first time. I guess Leah could just be spreading the rumor but it feels like we're supposed to think that she knows something's going on.


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