Saturday, February 14, 2009

DVD shelf rewatch: Before Sunrise

When did you first see this movie?
I'm guessing I saw it in college; it came out in 1995, which would put it at just the right time.

What is the movie about? Why did you buy the DVD?
A young American man (Jesse) and a French woman (Celine) meet on a train and spend the afternoon and night wandering around Vienna, talking. And I was exactly that age - the same age as the main characters - and I'm sure if felt like it almost could have been me talking. Everything seems so deep when you're that age.

How often do you watch this movie?

What is your favorite thing about this movie?
I feel like I knew that guy, the young and relatively privileged and somewhat cynical guy who thinks he knows way more than he does. But really - it's a sweet movie about people who make a connection but know they are going separate ways the next day and use the opportunity to be honest with themselves and each other. And I like the openness of the ending.

Did you see anything new when watching the movie this time?
Not really. I didn't remember that the dialogue is a little clumsy at the beginning, but generally pretty much what I remember.


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