Saturday, February 14, 2009

DVD shelf rewatch: Before Sunset

When did you first see this movie?
I'm pretty sure I didn't see it in the theater; I probably bought it right after it came out on DVD.

What is the movie about? Why did you buy the DVD?
Nine years have passed. Jesse is in Paris promoting his book, a fictionalized version of the night in Vienna. Celine comes to see him at bookshop, and they spend an hour or so together, talking about what has happened in their lives since and reflecting on how that one night made an impact on their relationships.

I think I bought the movie before seeing it, because I liked (and owned) the first.

How often do you watch this movie?
Not often.

What is your favorite thing about this movie?
The end, with Jesse sitting on the couch, laughing, and Celine dancing.

Did you see anything new when watching the movie this time?
I realized how much I prefer this movie to the first, maybe because I'm older now and I have less patience for the navel gazing of the first. Also, I really like knowing what happened and how these characters changed.


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