Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please stop the endless complaining

Maybe it's just me, but my patience has suddenly run out with various people I read online complaining endlessly about certain movies they hated. OK, we get that you hated "The Reader," various people writing on NPR's Oscar live chat - please move on! No really - shut up already, because I didn't love it but your endless whining about how long and slow it was makes me first want to defend it and then leave your site and never come back (yes, this was weeks ago, but it infuriated me at the time).

And now "Watchmen" - another movie I did not love, but which was part of why I stopped following one person on Twitter because I was sick to death of the moany and bitchy tweets about how much she disliked it. And I noticed today another Twitterer I usually enjoy reading is starting to go on about it too ...

Yes, OK, these people I follow/read are not actually my friends and they're just having conversations with or responding to questions from their actual friends (at least as far as Twitter goes) and if I don't want to listen, I can go away. I'm complaining because they are just living their lives and I want them to entertain me, damn it, and that's my issue, not theirs.

OK. Moving on now.


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