Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Everybody else is doing it ...

So here are my thoughts on Monday's episode of House

WHAT? Oh, I was unhappy. Yes, I know Kal Penn asked to leave the show, but the whole thing felt so out of character to me. One of the biggest criticisms I've read online is that we don't really know the characters of House's new team well enough, for the most part, for this turn of events to have the impact it should. I disagree a bit - Kutner was absolutely my favorite of the new team, and it seemed like his ideas about diagnosing whatever patient of the week they had were right more frequently than any of the others. I spent most of the episode in tears of disbelief, wondering why it couldn't have been 13, who I care about not in the slightest. Ultimately, it felt like such a manipulative stunt, entirely having to do with plot and nothing to do with character. I love Hugh Laurie, so I'm still watching the show for now, but this kind of stunt is the sort of thing that will turn me off a show real fast.


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