Saturday, April 25, 2009

For someone who's mostly unemployed, I'm way too busy

Last week was my first full week working part time from home as an editor for It's interesting work, and they seem happy with my work so far, all of which is good. It's not a long-term solution to my employment problem; however, it is great to put on a resume and to keep my mind working and the editing muscles in practice.

I did have an interview last week (yay!), which went OK. A little rushed, but I didn't walk out thinking that it was hopeless. Hopefully, I'll hear something soon.

In other news, I finally finished reading my library book, which I've had out for something like six weeks now. It was a good read (even if it was fantasy), but I'm looking forward to going back to the sci fi novel I'd started before it. Plus book club is tomorrow, and we'll pick something to read for next month.

I'm rambling, but you know, I haven't updated in a week, so better a ramble than silence, eh?

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  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I heard recently that MST 3000 is now available as an ipod download. You then rent the corresponding movie and play the ipod while muting the movie. Thought of you and Dave!